March 1, 2017

President pro tem Tim Moran called the meeting to order at 12:15

1) Welcome and opening remarks by Mr. Moran (sans joke) included that the new club directories are on the table.2100+

2) Introduction of 2 guests – Tom Niejadlik and Ted Williams.

3) The minutes from February were accepted.

4) Treasurer’s report –We have $27,512 total funds and $11,840 towards our 2017 goal. We are in very good financial shape.

5) Induction of 3 new members – Rene Arnaud, Art Cornell and Stu Campbell bringing our membership to 193.

6) Luncheon Speakers:  Today – March 1 –Chris McCort, Director of the Whydah Pirate Museum.  April 5 – Dr. Rainer Weiss of MIT on “probing the universe with Gravitational Waves.”

7) Scholarship: 3 $5000 scholarships have been posted at Barnstable H. S. and we should have applications for them by March. The big event will be the recycling program at the transfer station in September.  We need more people to sign up for shifts and start saving your returnables now. A board is posted at the front for shift signup including wives- but only if escorted by husbands.

8)  Fellowship – Chuck Wry indicated that several members are ill and would appreciate cards.

9) Golf – The 2017 schedule is being put together with 8 of 10 events scheduled. Details to follow next month.

10) Bowling: Jerry Fortier indicated that we have 40 bowlers, but because of absence, the team is looking for subs for the winter and guarantees that the Chickadees will not be in first place next month.

11) Rennie Discussion: Will meet next Tuesday at 10AM. The direction is to make it a true discussion group. The subject is the Future of Employment. Material is available at the Osterville library.

12) Events: Paul Ruane said that the spring cookout will be on July 19th, and a sea voyage on August 16th.

13) Ken Mulloy asked that any members interested in the Miracle Kitchen at Salvation Army see him before next service on Monday.

15) Tim Moran introduced Chris McCort, Director of the Whydah Pirate Museum who gave an exciting and fascinating presentation on the history of the ship and peek at what to expect in the museum.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00.

Osterville Men's Club