D. M. of H.

The Highest Award the OMC can bestow upon a member is the title of Distinguished Member of Honor.

This award is earned by members who have been active in the OMC and who have made outstanding contributions to the activities and welfare of the Club.

1996 Thornton S. Cody 2016 Gerald Fortier
2004 Fred A. Hulme George F. Shuman 2018 David E. Richardson
2006 Ernie R. MacInnes Warren F. Roche 2019 David Sandell Arthur L. Farrar
2007 Edward M. Kondrat John Richmond 2021 William E. Cutcliffe
2008 Carlos A. Monje 2022 William N. Keto Kenneth H. Molloy Ronald D. Sheid
2012 Richard C. Colella 2023 Douglas H. Scott Jr. Paul Ruane
2014 Frederick J. Messenger Eugene J. Holley
2015 Charles A. Wry