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Dear Fellow OMC Member:

By now, as one of the newer members of the Osterville Mens Club (OMC), you certainly have discovered that one of the cornerstones of the Club is its commitment to actively participating in, and supporting, programs that directly benefit the community around us. Whether it is through our annual college scholarships program for Barnstable High School seniors…or service to the Salvation Army’s Miracle Kitchen….or participating in the OMC’s Day of Caring activities, the Club is an active ambassador of good deeds for the greater Barnstable community.

Another extremely important social outreach effort for the OMC is its MEALS ON WHEELS (MOW) PROGRAM. Each year, OMC members deliver thousands of meals to seniors, aged 60 and over, who are homebound and cannot prepare a meal on their own, thereby enabling elders to enhance their quality of life and maintain their independence. Home delivered meals are provided by OMC drivers on Friday of each week to every village in Barnstable.


It will not surprise you to learn that the COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in a dramatic increase for meal delivery services to our community’s elder population. In fact, MOW demand has risen by over 100% from previous years. Unfortunately, the pandemic also has impacted our group of dedicated drivers: Several of our most committed drivers have had to temporarily step back from the program due to concerns for their own health. Fortunately, however, not one of our drivers has contracted COVID thus far. Nevertheless, we need more drivers than ever before!

As a newer member in the OMC, if you have been looking for a community service project to get engaged with, the OMC Meals on Wheels program is a wonderful opportunity for you.


If you are interested in learning more about the program and how you can participate, contact Wes Harrington (OMC/MOW Program Coordinator) and he’ll give you all the details about the program You can also go to the Club’s website to find details on what is involved in becoming a certified driver for the program. You can contact Wes either by phone (Home-508-420-2108) or email,


In 2017, The Osterville Men’s Club (OMC) began a partnership with Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands (ESCCI) to participate in ESCCI’s Meals on Wheels (MOW) program. ESCCI is a non-profit community- based organization dedicated to promoting the welfare, enhancing the quality of life, and maintaining the dignity of elder adults in the twenty- two (22) towns of Barnstable, Dukes and Nantucket counties.

OMC-MOW Program Guidelines and Responsibilities-08-01-2020  





Mark Stranberg (978-460-7214)
Don MacDonald (508-477-1795)
Paul Goyette
Tim Moran Treasurer
John Cookson
Paul Kruzel
Bob Nunberg
Pat Marolda
Don Lee
Kevin Hall
Jim Ruane
Mike Curtiss
Jim Pisciotta


The purpose of the OMC Golf Tour is for golfers of all levels to enjoy each other’s companionship on some of the finest golfing venues in and around the Cape.  Starting in May, the Spring Tour “Tees It Up” each Monday for six weeks. The Fall Tour runs for six weeks from the second week in September, ending with a round of golf and Awards Luncheon.


Attention Golfers

Golf Registration Fall 2020-OMC




Gerald R. Fortier. Chair  508.778.5249
William N. Keto, Treasurer
Douglas H. Scott, Jr.

George French  Secretary 



This is a handicap league that bowls each Thursday, 11:00 am  at the Ryan Amusement Center in Yarmouth.  Since it is handicapped, your skill level is not a major factor.  Substitutes are encouraged to participate since there are 8 teams and currently 32 full time bowlers.  The season is from September until April.  This allows players to participate in the start of golf season.  At the end of each season everyone receives  a monetary award based on their teams final standing at a banquet.  Fun is had by all.




Investment Club

David Reid, Chair

The OMC Investment Club meets the fourth Tuesday of the month or as scheduled. Our meetings are very pro active as all members participate in selecting and presenting investments that they think are good value and have upside potential. We also invite Financial Advisors and Investment Managers to make presentations. There is no investment of actual cash. We do keep a “portfolio” of stocks we have mutually decided to “follow” but only as an academic exercise and also to add a little drama. We sometimes have a guest speaker from our local investment community to add some perspective. We do not have any “selling” presentations from guest speakers. Some recent discussion topics we have discussed include the bond market, trusts and wills, the near term direction of the stock market and promising sectors to invest in. We meet about 9 times a year at The Osterville Public Library, usually from 10 am until shortly before noon, and usually on a Tuesday.

Bo Murdoch of Janney received a significant non monetary memento of his long term, friendly, (yet valuable ) relationship with the Osterville Men’s Club from Dave Reid

Click Here to View Investment Club Meeting 11/24/2020

Meeting on “America Divided”

Wesley F. Rennie Discussion Group

Bob Callahan Coordinator

508 681 0242

The Rennie Current Events Discussion Group, administered by Dr. Wesley F. Rennie, began on October 11, 1966. The name of this group was changed to the Wesley F. Rennie Discussion Group in January 1975.



The Rennie Discussion Group will take place February 18th at 10:15 Osterville Library
“Can We Avoid Civil War in America “
Based on a provocative article in the Atlantic Monthly Magazine

Listen to Jeffrey Goldberg, Danielle Allen, and Adam Serwer discuss how America is coming apart—and how they think it can be reunited.

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Ken Malloy, Bob Donahue, Bob Callahan, et. al. make 85 lunches

Miracle Kitchen

This program involves volunteering to serve a lunch to the needy hosted by the Salvation Army once per month. If interested please contact Ken Molloy at

Phone 508-428-3815




Stan Goldstein, 508-428-0143


Poker is played on the third Tuesday of the month year round. We have a number of players and alternates so there is always a game.

For additional information Contact Stan Goldstein at




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